VALVES in a complete range of G 1/8", G 1/4 and G 1/2", both in line and on base Metal Work offers a full range of valves and solenoid valves to meet all the possible requirements regarding compressed air supply, cut-off and regulation. The range of conventional valves with in-line couplings is available in four different types of actuation: mechanical, manual, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic. Standard valves come with either pneumatic or electro-pneumatic actuation.

Minivalves, series VME-1 mechanically/ hand operatedMinivalves, series VME-1 mechanically/ hand operated

Valves, series PEV, pedal operatedValves, series PEV, pedal operated

Valves, serie 70Valves, serie 70

Valves, series 70 on baseValves, series 70 on base

Valves NamurValves Namur

Valves ISO 5599/1, series IPV-ISVValves ISO 5599/1, series IPV-ISV

Valves ISO 5599/1-M12 connectorValves ISO 5599/1-M12 connector

Bases to ISO 5599/1Bases to ISO 5599/1

Pressure regulator for bases ISO 5599/1Pressure regulator for bases ISO 5599/1

Valves Mach 18 15407-1/VDMA 24563-02Valves Mach 18 15407-1/VDMA 24563-02

Valves mach 11Valves mach 11

Valves mach 16Valves mach 16

Multiple connectorMultiple connector

Reducer with gauge, series RMVReducer with gauge, series RMV

Multimach MMMultimach MM

Multimach HDMMultimach HDM

10-mm Solenoid valves series PLT-1010-mm Solenoid valves series PLT-10

Solenoid valves PIVSolenoid valves PIV

Solenoid valves CnomoSolenoid valves Cnomo

Input/Output Profibus-DP IP 67 M12Input/Output Profibus-DP IP 67 M12

Profibus DP IP 65 Mach 16 dedicatedProfibus DP IP 65 Mach 16 dedicated

Profibus DP / Interbus-S CAN-OPEN device-net for multimachProfibus DP / Interbus-S CAN-OPEN device-net for multimach

Multimach MM and HDM + BRMultimach MM and HDM + BR

DP IP67 M8 Profibus Input
DP IP67 M8 Profibus Input



FRL Units